Hello and thank you for running the College Ave Mile! We are excited to have the biggest road mile in CAM history tomorrow, as we have over three hundred pre-registrants. Very exciting! Tomorrow is the final all-divisions USATF-NJ Championship race in the spring, so let's make it count! Good luck to all individuals and clubs participating.

Here are some final instructions for tomorrow, as some things are different than last year.


  1. Venue. The start/finish will once again be in front of the College Ave Gym. Address: 26 College Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 08902.
  2. Parking. You may park anywhere around the race course. We also recommend using Buccleuch Park, conveniently just 600m away.
  3. Race Schedule. The race schedule will stay the same. See below.
  4. Packet Pickup. Please pick up you bib number and CAM towel sixty minutes before your race. This will be under the tent in the parking lot in front of The Olive Branch (37 Bartlett Street).
  5. Awards. This will be the biggest change this year. Upon the completion of every race, event volunteers will guide the top three (male and/or female) finishers to the podium between the finish line and DJ. In moments, the announcer will read the printed results, and the top three finishers will be presented with medals and glass mugs atop the podium. We will also be taking podium pictures!
  6. Course. The race course is a flat, two-lap race around the historic roads of Rutgers University, circling the College Ave Gym--the site of the first collegiate football game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. Sadly, Rutgers hasn't won a game since.
  7. For the Kids. The first race, the Youth Mile, is free to all kids 14 and under. This is thanks to a generous youth grant from the USATF.
  8. Potluck. This also a big change from last year. Please, stick around after the relay and hang out with your fellow USATF-NJ members!!! The GSTC will bring big six foot subs, and we encourage everyone to bring something too. Upon arrival, there will be tables under a tent to place your food/drink/etc. We don't mingle enough as an association…let's do that tomorrow night! We are sure Sergio will provide the dancing entertainment.
  9. Bathrooms. You have three options: Olive Branch, portajohns in parking lot, Buccleuch Park. Or, relive your college days and go in someone's bushes. Just kidding. Please don't do that.
  10. Royal Rumble Relay. To further celebrate the mile, let's see how fast we can run one…with two people. Grab a friend (and baton) and each person runs one lap. Last year, the winning team ran 4:00. Could we have our first sub-4:00 this year???
  11. Videos and Pictures. As always, we will document your races appropriately. Check the College Ave Mile Facebook page for updates, and we will also send out a post-race email with links.
  12. Results. There's a cool new website that does race results: compuscore.com.
  13. Charity. For years, we have been collecting gently used running equipment (shoes, shorts, tech shirts, etc) and distributing them to low-income, high-need youth runners throughout New Jersey. If you have something that doesn't quite fit, please donate it on Saturday.
  14. USATF-NJ Table. As always, the good folks at the USATF-NJ will have their table and tent set up for team declarations. Please get them in as early as possible.

Race Schedule

Race address: 26 College Avenue, New Brunswick 08901.


5:00 Youth Road Mile Championships

5:10 High School Road Mile Championships

5:20 Elite Women’s Race

5:30 Andrew Capizzi Memorial Elite Men's Mile

5:40 Emerging Elite Women’s Race

5:50 Emerging Elite Men’s Race

6:00 Masters Men’s 40s

6:10 Masters Women’s 40s

6:20 Masters Men’s 50s

6:30 Masters Women’s 50+

6:40 Masters Men 60+

7:00 Sub-7:00 Race

7:10 Sub-12:00 Race

7:30 Royal Rumble One Mile Relay




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